15 Recorded and ready to watch watercolour classes (hydrangeas 4 ways, 4 wild landscapes, 4 rubbish printing and 3 winter floral arrangements)


Learn to paint all sorts in watercolour with Tipperleyhill building up your portfolio of work and confidence in using different techniques.

In these recorded classes, Abi will break down the process of watercolour into easy, simple steps.


You will explore different ways of painting hydrangeas in unusual techniques using things around the house to create different textures. Each lesson will take a different approach.

• Lace cap hydrangea

• Wild style hydrangea
• Conical hydrangea
• Globe hydrangea

Wild watercolour landscapes

In this set of 4 watercolour landscape classes we will be looking at lots of different watercolour techniques, colour mixing, layout and composition

• Pink skies
• Heather fields
• Sunny cornfield
• Lake side

Rubbish printing

In this set of classes we will be painting and printing with rubbish! Raid your recycling bin and find paper, plastic, corks, bottle tops, foil, old magazines. We will be showing you some interesting new techniques that will add layers and creativity to your watercolour paintings.

• Junk mail landscape
• Bottle top flowers
• Wrappings vase
• Store card seascape

Winter watercolour florals

In this set of classes we will be painting 3 different Winter floral arrangements in perfect time for giving as Christmas presents, or to keep and frame yourself.

• Winter posy
• Winter wreath
• Winter swag

Each class lasts about 60 minutes and you will paint along to the recording.

When you book your set of classes, you will be emailed a list of the materials you need for the class and links as to where to get them.

We recommend you invest in 2 good quality brushes, watercolour paper and some watercolour paints:

1 x size 12 round brush

1 x size 4 round brush

Flat brushes - optional (these aren't super necessary but nice to try out)

1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours)

1 x A3 pad of watercolour paper

Scrap paper or copy paper to test the colours

Masking tape

A pencil

A rubber

A pair of scissors

Kitchen roll or loo roll

A jar or mug of water

A hair dryer