Enter the world of Tipperleyhill
Where art is for everyone and creativity flourishes

Original art and quirky animal illustrations that bring joy, colour and a sense of fun into your home.

We, Abi and Roz, artists and best friends, create every piece together, from bold floral, abstract and landscape paintings to humorous animal prints, all designed to put a smile on your face and lift your spirits.

Tipperleyhill. Art for all. Created with joy.


Our philosophy

If you buy what you love, youll find a space for it.

Investing in original art shouldnt be complex or intimidating. If you like what you see and it puts a smile on your face, thats a good enough reason to buy it. We offer a range of original pieces; florals, landscapes and abstracts to suit different tastes, styles and budgets.

Nobody said you had to be good at art to enjoy it.

We believe art is for everyone; anyone can engage with it with the right teachers. Thats why we also run classes and workshops where having a good time and feeling uplifted by the experience of painting is our number one goal.


A creative pairing unlike any other.

"Theres no greater feeling than looking at a blank canvas and knowing by the end of the day, it will have transformed into something extraordinary."

Not all art is created equally, but ours very much is. We, Roz and Abi, both work on each painting and illustration we produce, moving from piece to piece on multiple canvases simultaneously. As best friends and artists, we play to each others strengths: Abis superpower for drawing and composition and Rozs love of colour, pattern, and mark-making. Its a relationship based on trust, a lot of fun, and a shared belief that art should - and can - be for everyone.

In our studio, theres no space to take ourselves too seriously. The happy energy that emanates from us as we work is reflected in our paintings' bold patterns and bright colours, drawing inspiration from the things we love, especially flowers and animals. We create this way to put smiles on peoples faces, knowing that if we love something, others will too, and this is what keeps us going.

Were both trained artists and met in New York while working for a textile design studio. Roz confessed she didnt like drawing, and Abi replied she didnt enjoy colouring in, so the perfect team was born. After returning to the UK, Tipperleyhill became our way to continue our friendship while exploring the one thing we both genuinely love: painting.

We know that the art world can sometimes be a tad stuffy, and for many people, buying original artwork can feel out of reach. Through our positive and inclusive approach to creating art and illustrations and extending our knowledge and enthusiasm for painting to as many people as possible through our workshops and courses, were living our belief that art is for all.