We love illustrating your pets. You can choose to have your cat, dog, rabbit or bird in their natural beauty or we can dress them in a whacky outfit of your choice. No suggestion is too outlandish. We have drawn one in a Sherlock Holmes outfit, a cat as a dentist, a dog in a football top and a parrot in a Hawaiian shirt. We have had tons of fun painting the clothes on the animals from ditsy print dresses to punk leather jackets. Each painting will be a 100% original, painted in watercolour and inks. Abi and Roz will both work on it. How fab is that? Two artists on one piece of work. 

We work from ONE photo of your pet. 

Tips to take a good photo for the best pet portrait

  1. Take it in daylight
  2. Kneel or lie down to take it so you are at your pets eye level.
  3. Ideally your picture needs to be taken face on. (So facing square to the camera).
  4. We work from the photo, so if you feel this doesn’t show your dog, or cat in all it’s gorgeous glory, it’s not the one we want!
  5. The better the photo, the better the portrait.

Each commission is different but here is a guide. We usually work to fit a 12” x 16” mount (this makes it easy to buy a standard frame). The Tipperleyhill signature look is to have the animal in the bottom half of the page.

  • From £175 black and white only portraits
  • From £225 black and white animal with coloured clothes
  • From £400 full colour portraits
  • From £35 sketchy portrait in black and white, with neck scarf or top, drawn at the bottom of the page to fit a 8” x 10” mount (these portraits are done in sketchy style and are much smaller and less detail, great idea for gifts)

We don't often say no, so show us your pet, we will do anything from mouse to tiger! 

Email us tipperleyhill@gmail.com