12 Recorded Watercolour classes, Winter-Spring


Learn to paint all sorts of flowers and foliage with Tipperleyhill.

Take an hour for yourself and produce a painting every class. In each of the 12 classes you will paint a different flower or stem of foliage. Abi will break down painting into easy steps.


Each class lasts about 60 minutes.

When you book your set of classes, you will be emailed a list of the materials you need for the class and links as to where to get them.

 The classes are:

Late winter flowers

• Snowdrops

• Hellebore

• Hyacinth

 Early Spring flowers

• Thistle

• Wax flower

• Japanese anemone

• Striking vase composition

 Spring flowers

• Narcissus

• Fritillary flower

• Miniature tulips

• March iris

• Vintage tea cup composition

We recommend you invest in 2 good quality brushes, watercolour paper and some watercolour paints:

1 x size 12 round brush

1 x size 4 round brush

1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours)

1 x A3 pad of watercolour paper

Scrap paper or copy paper to test the colours


A pencil

A rubber

A pair of scissors

Kitchen roll or loo roll

A jar or mug of water

A hair dryer

when you book your classes, you will be sent links for suggested materials, or you can use your own watercolour materials if you have them already.