Recorded and ready to watch expressive, watercolour florals (set of 4 Loose floral with washes, Freestyle foliage with caran dache pencil, Pattern on pattern, wet on dry expressive floral and Bright floral composition)


Learn to paint flowers expressively in watercolour with Tipperleyhill. These classes are great if you would like to loosen your watercolour style up or you think you cant draw!

In these 4 classes, Abi will break down painting into easy, simple step-by-step watercolour techniques. Beginners or more experienced painters are welcome and will enjoy them.

You will experiment with loose washes, adding salt, wet on wet paint, wet on dry and  pattern on pattern and work with a caran dache water soluble pencil

This set of 4 classes are ready to watch now

Each class lasts about 60 minutes, except the final composition which will be 90 minutes.

 The classes are:

Loose floral with washes

Freestyle foliage with caran dache pencil

Pattern on pattern, wet on dry expressive floral

Bright floral composition 

We recommend you invest in 2 good quality brushes, watercolour paper and some watercolour paints:

1 black caran dache water-soluble pencil

1 x size 12 round brush

1 x size 4 round brush

1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours)

1 x A3 pad of watercolour paper

Scrap paper or copy paper to test the colours

A pencil

A rubber

A pair of scissors

Kitchen roll or loo roll

A jar or mug of water

Rock salt

 A hair dryer

When you book your classes, you will be sent links for suggested materials, or you can use your own watercolour materials if you have them already.