Pre recorded (catch up)Watercolour art class, ‘Anemone flower’


In this prerecorded class Abi will break down painting ‘Anemone flowers’ into easy, simple step-by-step watercolour techniques. You can do it if you are a beginner or if you are more experienced.

This class is prerecorded on zoom and is under an hour. You will be able to pause it as you go and will come away with something that you are really proud of. (We promise!)

When you book your class, you will be emailed a zoom link which you can watch anytime.

You can book any number of the 5 classes. (Each one is £5)

All the other live classes will be available to book as a prerecorded class if you miss one. Other classes are:

• Grape hyacinth 

• Wild Pansy

• Mimosa flower

• Floral vase composition


*Materials are not provided*

We recommend you invest in 2 good quality brushes, watercolour paper and some watercolour paints:

1 x size 12 round brush

1 x size 4 round brush

1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours)

1 x A3 pad of watercolour paper

Scrap paper to test the colours

A pencil

A rubber

Kitchen roll or loo roll

A jar or mug of water

A hair dryer

Click on the links below for suggested materials, or you can use your own watercolour materials if you have them already.

(The above link is for size 12 round brush, so you need this and a 4 or the nearest to those)

Curtisward Mastertouch Aquamarine Round Artists Watercolour 8 Brush Set
Alternatively you could buy the above set containing a range of round brushes.

Daler Rowney Aquafine aquarelle artists watercolour SMOOTH pad A3 hot pressed

(Or similar paper)