Animal art, Vaughan the grump dog


Each of our animal prints starts out plain and Abi handwrites your personal message. Please add what you would like written in the personalisation box when ordering.

Vaughan is modelling a paisley shirt and tie. He appears grumpy, but has a big heart.

Favourite phrases:

I haven’t got a life plan, I’m just styling it out.

You are pretty damn awesome. Keep that shit up.

Don’t be a dick.

chuck it in the f**k it bucket and move on.

I like to take life one ‘Are you fucking kidding me at a time’

C’est la fuckin’ vie

What (and I can’t stress this enough) the f**k?

There is sunshine in my soul

Being normal is overrated.


Your print will be delivered to you hand signed, in a soft white mount measuring 8” x 10”. Flat packed in a cellophane envelope, unframed.