Displaying and framing your artwork, make your Tipperleyhill piece sing


Animal prints @haines_collection framed with George for Asda frames.


Do you worry about where to hang your artwork and how to hang it? below are a few pointers:

  • Buy the art you love and you will find the perfect spot for it. This is @angelabuntcreative (colour loving queen and interior designer) motto.
  • You don’t have to frame artwork, you can lean it against a wall, style it casually on a stack of books or even blue tack it up. It won’t last forever like this, but you can do this in a rental or as a temporary thing until you can afford to frame it or put nails in.
  • We size all our prints to fit in standard size frames, but if you can afford it (and it’s not as pricey as you think), we thoroughly recommend a professional service as the quality and choice is so much better and will make your print or painting last a lifetime. A framer will offer you the benefit of their years of experience to make your piece of art look fabulous. They can advise you on all the different options including the colour and size of the mount and frame, whether to opt for non-reflective glass etc. Do a quick google search for one in your area and you are bound to find one. We love our local framer @mimivartworks, 81 Balham High Rd, SW12 9AP.
  • Alternatively if you want to get your paintings up cheaply and quickly, our 9” x 9” minis fit in a 23 x 23cm Ribba Ikea frame.
  • Our 12” x 12” mounted originals fit in the following:


  • Our 8” x 10” animal prints fit perfectly in a 8” x 10” frame. Any department store with a big homeware section should stock them including Next, John Lewis and The Range. The following links to frames below are really smart but reasonably priced. Do check the description carefully as the size is often listed as the aperture size (which is the window inside the mount) and you need to get the size of the outside of the mount. George at Asda do various different colours in this size including black, white, yellow, pale pink, grey and copper.




  • Hang artwork lower that you think. It’s best to have the centre of the picture in your eye line. Unless you have a huge painting, you shouldn’t have to look up to see it.
  • Our mini paintings look great in a group of three or four. Hang them above a small cabinet, table or chair and put them close together or your eye will be drawn to the gap in-between instead of the artwork itself.
  • Make a feature of a narrow wall, by hanging small pieces in a row vertically.

 For inspiration search Pinterest or hashtags #artonwalls #gallerywall #artwall etc on instagram.