Recorded and ready to watch wild watercolour landscapes (set of 4 pink skies, heather fields, sunny cornfield and lakeside)


In this set of 4 watercolour landscape classes we will be looking at different watercolour techniques, colour-mixing, layout and composition. You will paint along to the recording at any time that suits you. At the end of each class you will have a finished painting ready to frame.

Each class is about 60 minutes.

When you book your set of classes, you will be emailed a list of the materials you need for the class and links as to where to get them.

 The classes are:

Pink skies
Heather fields
Sunny cornfield
Lake side

We recommend you invest in 2 good quality brushes, watercolour paper and some watercolour paints:

1 x size 12 round brush

1 x size 4 round brush

Flat brushes - optional (these aren't super necessary but nice to try out) 

1 x pan of watercolours (or tubes of watercolours)

1 x A3 pad of watercolour paper

Scrap paper or copy paper to test the colours

Masking tape

A pencil

A rubber

A pair of scissors

Kitchen roll or loo roll

A jar or mug of water

A hair dryer